See the Able, Drop That Label

The 2019 UNLABELLED RUN, themed “See the Able,Drop that Label”, aims to (i) encourage the youths to embrace who they uniquely are and (ii) encourage society to refrain from labelling our youths, by asking the public to make that commitment through the RUN.

As part of the Movement, awareness talks are being conducted in schools along with performances to get our youths thinking about the unlabelling they can do for themselves and others. We seek to promote greater inclusivity, unity and address issues like cyber bullying that result from labelling. A video-making competition is also organised to encourage the youths to take the lead in championing a worthy cause through creative expression of what “unlabelling” means to them. Through undertaking such challenges, youths expend their potential to value-add to their lives and communities.

Chew Chor Meng

``Behind every smile lies an untold story. Everyone has their past so let's not label someone else with prejudice..``

Zhu Hou Ren

``You too, can impact others and contribute to their lives``

Joel Choo

``Turn your weakness to your strength and let your actions impact those around you``


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